Straight Man to Borracho

Real Name: Juan Garcia Gonzalez Gonzalez Rodriguez
Martinez Jesus Avocado del Fuego, El Tercero

Nickname: “C.” Because the only word he ever says is “Sí”

Legendary Guitarist. Communicates through his (subtitled) Music

Quiet Genius & Expert Problem Solver

Always Gets it Right

Loves: Donkeys

El Borracho


Enjoys Women & Tequila.
Not necessarily in that Order

Fired up! Will try Anything, Talk to Anyone and is Always game for Action Filled “Adventuras”

Sings the Mexican Blues

Rarely Gets it Right

Always trying to trick “C” into saying “Si” to something he Shouldn’t

Dreams of Becoming a Professional Lucha Libre Wrestler

Has crush on Cassandra, (She Knows).

Loves: Donkeys


Tequila Worm


Proud Tequila Bottle Survivor & Worm Rights Activist

Real Name: Gusano Mayahuel XIII

Nickname: “Pulque”

Speaks Native Agave “Burp” Dialect

Jalisco Born & Bred

Trips Hard, as in Hallucinate

Loves: Dancing

Cassandra Fernandez


Sexxxxxxy! (And she Knows It).

First Generation Mexican-American

A Professionally Trained Journalist, she often reports LIVE from Location

Most often seen doing “Woman on the Street” Interviews

She don’t take no Shit

Has a Crush on “C” (He Doesn’t Know).

Loves: Putting Men (and Borracho) in their Place